Auto Correct

Do you have a phone that likes to tell you what to say to your friends and/or boyfriend? I do. It likes to tell people weird things and call people by different names. And it's never my fault. It does it on it's own, I tell you.

My boyfriend and I have such a strong relationship.
And when I asked him the next morning why his first thought was to break up with me, his response was 
"Abbey, you were a zombie."
I wasn't aware zombies were civilized enough to text now. 

My favorite part of this was that his firsts response wasn't like what the heck- but he had to tell me that there are "unacceptable" diseases in maggots. Yeah, okay, like I didn't know maggots were gross.
I've used the word maggot way too much in this post.

And I was going to put pictures up of my lovely outfit today. I wore a scarf in a way that I don't usually wear a scarf- it was innovative. Except that I had a little mini-meltdown. You know what I'm talking about. ("I hate all my clothes/I'm tired/I don't want to take two finals tomorrow")
I don't really hate all my clothes. I'm very grateful for them. (John made sure to inform me that many people in the world would be thrilled to have any piece of my clothing. Operation guilt trip successful). 
I love my boyfriend. He's completely hilarious, even when he knocks a full glass of tea onto my leather purse. 
Okay, I didn't love him so much quite at that moment. But he made up for it with a Harry Potter joke right after.
Okay enough rambling.
Goodnight Thursday!


  1. I love this post! You and your boyfriend seem so sweet together :)

  2. No, you know what? I like your rambling. It's kind of cute. And it's just...your life. Not too styled or scripted...just Abbey!

  3. hahah you should check out this site:

    it's like your post;)

  4. Haha, that conversation is hilarious! And autocorrect gets me everytime - I have it to thank for some pretty awkward moments.

  5. HEHE. Your boyfriend and you are CUTE! My boyfriend and I texted for two hours the over night of strictly harry potter dirty puns. I was laughing hysterically the whole time! :)

  6. OMG that's too funny! happens to me all the time too!


  7. this is so cuteee :]]
    also- i'm giving you a shout-out on my blog- it'll be up in just a bit. I'd love you to check it out :]]

    Charlotte xxx

  8. omg..haha that phone is evil! :D

  9. oh you and the boyfriend...i guess you decided to give him a name. One thing also readers of The Pink Teapot is that Abbey is not only the ultimate girlfriend with the greatest guy but she is also the ultimate bestfriend. She and John have been dating for almost 3 years now and never has she ever ditched me to hang out with him. She is the queen of balancing and maintaing her bestest single friends like me and her great boyfriend who indeed is very funny. :)