January was short-lived.

This month is coming to a close, and the past week and a half was a doozy. A good and bad doozy. I have a lot of things to do on my plate right now, but aside from that a lot of fun moments have happened recently. I moved home a couple weeks ago, so I am still settling into my little upstairs area. The boyfriend came over for the seahawks & 49ers game- go seahawks- and we witnessed Sherman's little meltdown live. So I felt like I was on the inside for football news last weekend. I have been doing Project Life over the past six or seven months & am almost caught up to current (I started with photos from 2011). That stack of photos is what stands between me and 2014.

On Thursday night I headed out to a bar for a friend's work happy hour. It was the night before the "big ice storm". Guys, we live in houston and ice is as good as ten foot snow. Of course the only thing to do that night was to steal my friend's phone and send snapchats to all my friends.

This past weekend was relaxing especially because tuesday we got to take off for another "ice storm". Thanks, Houston! I go back to work today, but I only have three days left till the weeeeeeekend! My brother & future sister-in-law had a couples shower on Saturday which I was wildly unprepared for- but I made it anyways. We didn't take any photos, but we did take a photo afterward while waiting to pick-up a pizza from star pizza (my love).

Also, included a little video I edited from New Years! Happy Hump daaaaaay! xoxo

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