I want to write some cheesy song lyrics to put here. Okay, not cheesy, but deep and profound. You know, like something off of Adele's new album. But I'm afraid if I did that I would feel cheesy. I'm not a cheesy girl, unless it comes from the boyfriend (don't worry, it usually doesn't).
We're an odd pair. He's blunt, and logical, and a thinker. I'm emotional, and stubborn, and definitely a feeler.
A good match. (Most of the time- hah).
Somehow he ended up being my best friend.
IMG_6356 copy
I'm incredibly blessed.
And terrified.
I guess that's the beauty of it all.

Oh hello Thursday night.


  1. this is so cute :]]
    and you remind me of my and my boyfriend- he is so laid back he's almost horizontal and I am totally crazy and neurotic. He calms me down and gives me some perspective when I have an emotional crisis- which is often!!

    Charlotte xxx

  2. This is so cute, you look wonderful together!


  3. Such a cute post!! :) Both of you are very lucky!!