This weekend..

I played with my camera flash.
I hung out with my boyfriend (this one is applicable everyday...).
I got to see my favorite girl in the world. She's pretty much my sister. I've known her since she was two years old. We were neighbors, and now we're family.
She's obsessed with popsicles, and so she made me drive her to the local fruit palette for a pop. She's a bit strange, but I love her. Whatevs.
IMG_6086 copy
IMG_6090 copy
IMG_6143 copy
IMG_6142 copy
IMG_6126 copy

So Valentines Day day went as planned. I didn't get to see the boyfriend at all...
until 12:02 a.m February 15th. 
When I received a responding text to the one I sent asking if he was home.
"Home is where the heart is. Open your door."
And he was there with balloons and chocolates. 
What a cheeseball.
(I got all jumpy like we were on a first date. Embarrassing.) 

How's your weekend going? (:


  1. Loving the photos. Though I have a mad craving for a popsicle now.
    And ahhh what your boyfriend did for you sounds so cute! ♥

  2. AWWW. Precious. That's so adorable! Yay to cute boyfriends and being jumpy:)