Happy late Memorial Day, y'all!
I hope you spent it well, and gave thanks to those who have served, or are currently serving us!
I went camping with my family, and some close family friends to a small state park a couple of hours away.
It was a beautiful, hot, windy, weekend.
We took a long, long, long hike the first day with just my dad, me, and Bayley (the dog). 
Bayley gave up on us a couple hours in, and my dad had to carry her a bit before we found a spring to cool her off in. 
The next few days were full of laying around, swimming, and reading. And some ghost stories.
The ghost stories ended up just being plotlines from scary movies.
None of us are too good at storytelling.
The end of the weekend was the best part.
We waited until sundown, then walked to the road, which borders part of a big stream. We all laid down, and watched fireflies, and looked at the stars.
Despite scaring a couple innocent people walking by in the dark, and nearly getting hit by cars, it was a lovely evening. ;)


  1. I haven't been camping in the longest time. Sounds like you had an awesome time :)

  2. Looks like a fun camping trip! Loving the pictures.