Momma's Day!

Happy Momma's Day to all of you who have mommys or are mommys! 
[me and my mom circa 1992]

This morning I woke up, scrambled around to clean the house, ran to the grocery store, crafted quickly, and started to bake before my parents got to the house. It was a hectic morning, and now five hours later I can finally sit. But it was worth it, so that the woman of the day can take a nap.
Mother's Day
Lavender cupcakes.

I made her these Lavender filled, Citrus Cream Cheese frosted Cupcakes. They are pretty spectacular.

Happy Mother's Day!


  1. anything lavender filled is AMAZING, those cupcakes sound perfect! love the photo :)


  2. awwwww belated happy mom's day to your mom. Oh and that cupcake looks delish! I've never had lavender cupcakes before. =)