Pink Velvet.

I've been dying to try out this recipe by Sprinkle Bakes. Hers looks so much better than mine, but granted I've never rolled a cake before. I think mine was a little too thin. 
Then again, the boyfriend said he was going to eat it until he was totally full (pre-dinner). So I think he gave it a thumbs up.
It was surprisingly really easy to make! 
Goodbye sheet cakes, hello rolled cakes foreva!


  1. ooooh that looks cute and yummy. I have a rolled cake recipe in my Betty Crocker cookbook and after seeing yours, I am now super excited to try making it next weekend!

  2. You did an amazing jobbb, I seriously want to make this now!

  3. This looks amazing!! I work in a bakery in my holidays and one of the things is a chocolate roll so I'm pretty used to rolling cakes haha, but none look as nice as this because it's pink!! Will definitely be trying it =)