Lately I've been nearly bursting to do something creative. Something always seems to be holding me back, and lately it's been money. You know how frustrating it is to be looking for something as simple as photo borders and see that they're ridiculously expensive? Well, that seemed silly to me. So, I decided to get creative at home, as opposed to in stores! So far, I haven't accomplished much, but I'm feeling better now that I'm at least being productive. 

So, now I'm listening to Mumford and Sons, and pinning pins on pinterest like a mad woman. Can't help it. That site is addictive. 


Hopefully I will report back soon with progress. :) 

Happy early fourth of july, as well! 
We will be heading down to the parade in the morning, and coming back dripping with sweat most likely! Hope you all have a wonderful one!

If you're looking for scrapbook inspiration, check out my scrapbook board on Pinterest!

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