Sweet Texas.

If you have Pinterest, then I'm sure you have seen this tutorial:

I decided I wanted to do one of Texas for our apartment/my room. Unfortunately after I painted it I realized the pinkish color would not match my room... at all. So it'll go in the living room somewhere. :)

It's a little messy, but I kind of like it that way. If I do it again, I would try and be a little more precise, and maybe paint Texas another coat of white paint. Oh well.
I cut out a texas stencil and painted over and around it. So easy! I definitely recommend this if you want a little craftiness on your walls!


  1. i made an oklahoma painting just like this a few months ago! it's a fun project and i happen to like your messy-esque texas version :)

  2. Cute DIY, I'm a Texas girl too!! Just found your blog, it's lovely. I"m a new follower.