Books Books Books.

Incase any of you were wondering, tuesday was good to me.
Although I wish I was in bed, I just have a little more work ahead.
I just finished a book (or two... ok three) and I loved it!
Yay books!
After reading The Hunger Games nothing has left me as satisfied. Besides Harry Potter, nothing probably will. 
However Divergent by Veronica Roth did a very good job of distracting me.
If you liked the hunger games... this won't be as good. But it will be a good read. 
It's kind of dark, and the heroine was better than most (I'm looking at you, Bella Swan). Not really post-apocalyptic, but definitely a different reality. Very gripping read.
I also read a book called Enclave by Ann Aguirre. It was interesting, and a can't-put-down-read. But, I liked Divergent better. It's a post-apocalyptic tale that has some kinda zombie things hangin out in it. I'm not really a fan of zombies. Or apocalypses.
Then there's the Son of Neptune. Heard of Percy Jackson? No? Go read. Best series ever (after HP and HG). The Son of Neptune is the sequel to the Lost Hero and the second series of the olympians by Rick Riordan. Love it.
My sister is a 7th grade english teacher, and she gives me these young adult books that I can't seem to stop reading.
To be clear: I blame her.

K. Back to work. (:


  1. OK, so 7th grade English teachers obviously love all the same things, because I have read almost every book you mentioned here! (and I used to teach 7th grade English!)

  2. Oh I love reading the Hunger Games too! Have you read Matched? It's really great!

  3. haha so fun! glad you like the hunger games, I have heard so much about those books!