Today, I....

Today, I went on a four hour long bike ride through a state park with four friends. We've been bike riding the past two weeks on and off for a couple hours. Today, we made the hour trek to a state park nearby and biked!
And saw alligators!
But also, I got to take some senior portraits for a close family friend.
(Sneak peek!)

I hadn't taken photos (besides with my iphone) in a while, and it was fun to get back into the swing of things. 
Heres to more to come!
Also, school starts Tuesday.


  1. A bike ride sounds way too perfect right now. I miss biking weather! Currently... there is about 6 inches of snow outside. Boo. And what a cute dog! I'll have to come by and see the rest of these pictures! I know the feeling. I take so many instagrams and not so many pictures these days!

  2. a four hour bike ride is just what I need right now, oh spring... hurry!