I'm excited..

I'm officially a Mac baby! Sorry PCs everywhere.. I still love you... kinda.
Excuse my little messy collage of instagrams. I'm still new to this mac stuff (and I seem to have limited patience this morning). 
Anyways.. I've been keeping pretty busy lately with an internship, a job, and finals. I love it though. 
The past couple of weeks have flown by, and now I only have 2 finals left! 
Me & the boy got to sneak away from studying and get lunch at a little italian place we'd never tried before. Yum! I find myself taking a lot of rando pictures when I need to study.. nothing like procrastinating through instagram. I got to take my momma to swirl for the first time ever! My dad is the next victim. I also introduced my roomie to CFA breakfast (best EVER), and to a beignet place that I have a feeling is going to become our go-to place. Beignets are so good. I got some gorgeous new flowers for my room, but I'm scared they're attracting bugs... so... after this I'm going to have to get some anti-bug plant.. 
Me & the boy also went to a Ron Paul rally on campus that was interesting. I'm not a very political person, so it was interesting to go and be a third person observer. 
Now I need to start studying for my third final I guess... 
or I could eat lunch first... yeah.


  1. Yay congrats on your mac! The photos are really awesome(:!