Birthdays & Friendship.

There are some friends you have in your life that feel like they will always be there, for better or for worse, for richer or for poorer... most of my friends are these friends. I am quite quite blessed to have these friends in my life, who outnumber the other friends, who are not really your friends at all. Anyhow one of these wonderful friends of mine just had her birthday, and I made her a silly video card through iMovie (the devil, basically). You may not get the joke- so I'll spell it out for you.. :) There's this saying that goes something like nobody likes you when you turn 23. I heard it a couple years back from a friend who was turning 23, and told me she secretly worried about the upcoming year. Silliness! But since then I've been ominously telling my friends that nobody likes you when you turn 23... hence, the joke. Love you, Whit.

whit's birthday from Abbey Masters on Vimeo.

If you are sick of this song- sorry. Also, enjoy my post-workout look. ;)

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  1. 1. happy birthday to whit!
    2. this is too cute - what a great friend you are!
    3. i have that exact same ROMA t-shirt!