R. Minkoff

I have a big designer crush on Rebecca Minkoff. It came out of no where. This summer I started making more money than I'm used to... and started spending a lot of money on things I really needed.. You know how that goes, I'm sure. Anyways, I was waiting for a really great wallet to catch my eye because I'd had my Kate Spade one for yearsssss (I wear those suckers out). I checked GILT one day and WHAM BAM! There was a Rebecca Minkoff sale going on that I just checked for fun... um, hello gorgeous. I got the cutest coral wallet with gold studs, and polka dots on the inside... pretty much every trend I'm into right now. I am telling you that I love this wallet so much... I want to carry it alone, without my purse, and show everyone how great it is. BECAUSE IT IS GREAT. It is soft, and simple, but so beautiful. Not to mention- on sale! I digress. I was just stalking Rebecca Minkoff items on Nordstrom, and gosh there's so much I want! Guess I'll have to wait until I start making the big bucks.... which could be in a very long time. ;)rebeccaminkoff

1. Rebecca Minkoff iPhone Case
2. Rebecca Minkoff Diamond Satchel
   3. Rebecca Minkoff Desire Satchel 
   4. Rebecca Minkoff Leopard iPad Case

Now, of course, I just stumbled upon a Rebecca Minkoff POP Phone! What! I did a post on mine a while back. But... I want the Rebecca Minkoff one. Life is so unfair. ;)

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