A little glimpse of my afternoon/evening with my niece meredith. Look at me being all cocky and putting my name on these pictures! A bit tacky? I'm not sure. Felt weird putting up fancy pictures of my niece without some sort of tag. Cause she's so darn cute. We shall see if I come up with a better way of displaying family photos... #blogproblems. In other news- got a new camera lens yesterday, and I am so psyched. It is beautiful, and freakin expensive, but mainly beautiful! Going to enjoy the heck out of it! I am dogsitting this weekend and was mildly stressing out due to the added hecticness (word? oh well) of the weekend. Group projects, GRE class, friends coming in from out of town, family visiting, not seeing your boyfriend in days so really badly wanting to see him? Yep, all this weekend! PLUS dogsitting! It's a good thing I love animals. :) I have a test Monday, so the rest of the weekend will be left to studying and maybe a breakfast date with my bestie. I feel like I live a very strange life.. Most of my best friends are out of town, and I live a very calm, simple life when they're gone... then they come home and it's like I have non-stop plans. No complaints, just a strange new pace of life.


  1. Aw, isn't she a little cutie! I have the same problem with friends being in and out of town... enjoy they whilst they are there :)


  2. I say, 'tag away'! The photos are great. Oooh, and what new lens did you get? I'm dying for a wide angle.