This kid..

has his last final tomorrow. I am quite excited for him.

This past weekend we ventured over to West Elm to look for some Christmas presents, and John realized how awesome that store is. Hah. I turned around and he was sitting down at a desk looking at rock book ends and I had to snap this picture. The boyfriend is eventually going to be a geophysicist once his college career is over. I feel like we're looking at a snapshot of him in the future. Sitting at a nice desk looking at rocks... (I know this is not exactly what geophysicists do... but throw me a bone ;)).

Anyways. Time is flying. I graduate Friday and then its Christmas! Almost done Christmas shopping...



  1. He looks so at home with those rock book ends! That's what I imagine geophysicists doing too so no worries - you're not alone. :P

    Good luck with all your Christmas shopping and congratulations in advance on graduating!! :)

  2. you might have already graduated so congrats!! :)
    hope he did great on his exam!

    merry christmas to you