iRead Again.

Well, I can't seem to stop myself from ordering books online.


I read Jane Eyre finally, for the first time ever. I am not very surprised (although I am kind of surprised) how quickly I went through it. Mr. Rochester... i love. Such a strange character, but him and Jane are so charmingly weird! I want to re-read it and memorize all the fantastic quotes it contains because they are so perfect. so perfect. As you know since I quoted one of them here. ANYWAY, if you're into the Bronte genre then you should GO FOR IT. although you probably have already. I am behind the rest of the world.

Also since I have last blogged my reading- I read Paper Towns by John Green. I'd been meaning to read it, and for some reason I read all his other books first (Looking for Alaska, An Abundance of Katherines, & of course TFIOS). This one was pretty entertaining. TFIOS takes top place for me, with An Abundance of Katherines taking second place. Paper Towns did make me laugh out loud in the last third part of the book. But I didn't loooove the ending, and the middle lagged a bit for me. Oh well.

Maybe I didn't like Paper Towns so much because I had read Thirteen Reasons Why prior to it, and it put a bit of a damper on it. hah. Thirteen Reasons Why was a good read, but so very sobering and sad. Hannah Baker narrates the story of why she decided to commit suicide on seven cassette tapes, and then has them delivered to thirteen people who played important parts in her story, so that they would know why she did it. Clay is the ninth person to receive them, and is obviously horrified to hear what he does, but also embarks on the Hannah-designated adventure to understand her decision. So, obviously, it is a hard read. I felt like I was sitting in a bubble while I read this book. After it was done I realized I'd turned all my music off (which I neverrrrr do), and was sitting on the couch in silence. Lots of feels. The whole time I was wondering how it could end without it being so sad, and the author did a good job of pulling it all together.

Any good book recommendations? I read almost any genre so no holds barred!

Also, do you any of you listen to City and Colour? I just discovered them and am obsessssssed. Listen to them here!

Happy Monday!


  1. ah, dallas green's voice is pretty hard to resist, isn't it?

  2. I love these book reviews! I feel like I never have the time to sit down and read anymore but I'm working on it. I remember reading Jane Eyre back in the day and loving the character of Mr. Rochester as well.