Little Details.

The weekend is over and it is FEBRUARY. HOW?! There are no words. In other news, I had a nice weekend. The boyfriend and I made a projector (inspired by this) and projected home movies onto our living room wall. While it was not perfectly projected (a wee bit dark), it was seriously magical. Then we had a birthday thing for one of the boyfriend's friends and yesterday I read a whole book!

These photos are a bit of a mix. The first and last are from the day we went to galveston, and the middle ones are little snippets of nannying last week. I have a constant urge to document their house because I love it. But thats kind of weird. Documenting someone's home without them knowing. So I will not. BUT, words are ok... right? They have a simplistic home in the best sense of the word. Everything is decorated without clutter or junk. Giant windows give me a great view of the street, and let in beautiful natural light. This is especially good because there isn't an overhead light where I usually sit and read. I pretty much die over dark stained wood floors, and the first time I walked into their house I was like ...yes, yes I will nanny for you. ;)

It is a good thing I like their house so much since I'm there every day!

Happy Monday everyone.
Anyone got any good songs for the week? I'm collecting!


  1. next post: how you made a projector (because that's just plain cool)

    ben howard - keep your head up
    local natives - heavy feet

    1. I love Ben Howard! And local natives! Will check out the songs (: Maybe ill get a post up by next week!! It is really cool!

  2. This place is definitely beautiful. I couldn't agree more, dark wood floors are the best.

    my favorite song at the moment:
    shell suite- chad valley

  3. Will definitely check it out! Thanks! (:

  4. your hair is so cute. i seriously want you to tell me how you did it.

  5. you're adorable! and i still love your photos. sounds like the perfect nannying house ;)