More details.

This February thing is freaking me out. I'm pretty sure I'm supposed to have a big girl job, or at least another part-time job by now! Someone please respond to my resume! All things considered, I'm not really complaining. While I would obviously like to be making a bit more money, my nanny job pays well enough and is tiding me over. Plus the family is great, and I will be sad when I have to leave them. Whether it be for a new job or for grad school.

Grad school? Yes. AH!

These photos are from nannying, and the pup is my parent's new family member! They got him two weekends ago, and he is so cute! More pictures of him to come, I'm sure.

Happy Wednesday, all!


  1. I really like these pictures! Those flowers are beautiful. Also, your polka dot shirt! I need it! Haha.