Utilizing Time

Time is flying these days. Ever since I started college I felt like time started to speed up. Now its just never-slowing! The boyfriend is still in school, and starting to get really busy. While I appreciate his studies, it means less time to hang out. I am one of those annoying people who constantly feels the need to do things. I want to get out of the apartment and see a movie, or eat somewhere cool, or go to an exhibit. I hate the feeling of doing nothing. I really feel like we need to utilize our time spent together. But when the boyfriend comes over, we find ourselves curled up on the couch watching TV shows. But then afterwards I'm like noooo this is not what I wanted!

WHY. A ball of frustration.

Anyway. Any advice on how to not get sucked into the couch? Sometimes I don't let him come inside, so that we are literally forced to stay out of the apartment.

   (galveston day, dressing up for galveston day, little dinos I got with my order from photojojo, ronald  & my camera's love affair, ronald in the window, and lovely little henry).

Merry Tuesday!


  1. I totally know what you mean about always wanting to do something! You should maybe try writing out a bunch of different activities to do that you can choose from when you are together :)


  2. ohhhhh my lanta. that cat. i am so jealous, I am in idaho and my lovely kitten is in vegas. i am dying here! i live vicariously through cat photos and facetime with my cat. sad, but you must know how it feels. if you dont- lucky you! such a fun blog!
    following you!

  3. You take lovely photos! And aww...loving that gorgeous cat!

  4. That sounds like me and A. when we started dating! Maybe go through a local paper with events and kind of plan ahead for dates, buy tickets for things in advance so it's set in stone. Or get things to do around your place too. Sometimes we'll pick up a board game or grab cards and a bottle of wine, like we got an awesome Futurama monopoly game the other month. It may sound nerdy but we had a lot of fun haha