fakin' spring break.

Boys and Girls, we spring breaked it up last weekend. We took a somewhat last minute trip to San Antonio, and I am soooo glad we did. I am working half days all week which gives me a lot of down-time but no down time to really get out of town. So we managed to get a couple hours away for the weekend. :)

We hit up Sea World. Yes, we did. We also hit up Buc-ees for some icees and ice cream cones. There's a real flattering picture of me with an ice cream cone in one hand and an icee in the other on fbook. Hey, if its vacay, you do it big, right? I've been working out hard this week.  The hotel we stayed at coincidentally ended up being the one my parents stayed at during their honeymoon! So that was a surprise(and kind of strange)!

Anyways, I'm glad to have gotten away with my best friends for a while. But I am dying to have the boyfriend back in town- he's camping all week! Without me!

A video may also be on the way. I didn't lug around my dslr, but the iphone was soo handy. I brought my waterproof case (you never know at seaworld!), but didn't need it... we sat out of the splash zone. Can't wait to do another weekend trip with these people!

Happy hump day! ;)



  1. Spring break come to me, please? Love the photos. Seems like you had an awesome time :)
    I've nominated you for a Liebster Award! Check it out here: http://ninaandhernotebook.blogspot.se/2013/03/liebster-award-oh-my.html

  2. Those are some fabulous pictures :) I'm getting jealous!

    Sarah Allen
    (creative writing blog)