Camping 2013

I took off last Thursday and Friday and said goodbye to Houston for the weekend...

We camped out at South Llano River State Park among the heat (100 degrees? seriously?), the animals (omg the animals.), and the river. If I could make googly eyes at the river I would. Wait. I did. It was the perfect temp for tubing and swimming and relaxing. We star gazed at night, and sat around in our chairs laughing at stories that happened before we were born (parental stories are always the best, am i right?).

That does not mean that there weren't MOMENTS. I was floating along the river ahead of everyone else, enjoying the cool water and sunshine and on a particularly fun rapid I found myself face to face with a GIANT FERAL HOG. There was crying and leaping and then lots of laughing once the hog had decided that i was way scarier than it could ever be. Then there were SNAKES outside the women's restroom! Worst place ever for a snake to hang out. It could've at least hung out by the men's side. Seriously, rude. We also saw a baby bobcat and armadillos and deer and rabbits... an animal filled adventure from the get-go!

Anyway. Monday morning came and I realized I felt rejuvenated. Vacation, even a hog-filled one, is great for the soul.

A part 2 with video coming soon.


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