Happy Hour at the Museum.

Last night me and some of my best friends got out of our ruts (by our i mean my rut) and went to the Museum of Fine Arts- Houston for happy hour! It was miserably hot the first twenty minutes or so thanks to our first really swelteringly hot day of summer yesterday. But a nice breeze finally pushed through and we got down to enjoying the DJ and our food truck bites. I got a grilled cheese because I'm not very adventurous when it comes to food, but it was good! After a while of sitting outdoors drinking fun different drinks (me with Pimm's Cup, whit with some kind of acai lemonade concoction, the boyfriend with a jack and coke, and andrew with a campari and soda), we got to go into the museum! I have to say its much more fun being an art critic with your best friends than being... well, an art critic. ;)

Happy Friday!

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