june so far.

So June... what do you have in store for me? Last year I went to New York (see here and here) and worked at a small magazine company in houston before taking up nannying full time for the summer. I can't believe its been a year! I may be visiting san francsico while my brothers up there in a couple weeks... and my hopes are getting high. Stop hopes, stop!

But what has been happening this year in June? My besties moved back to htown from college and are renting the cutest little house nearby in our hipster hood! I've been helping them move (just a little) and have been enjoying their front porch with some drive-thru margaritas (yes, you heard me correctly... they are seriously good). I've also been having quality time with their dog, emma. We went to a bar nearby called Boneyard Drinkery that is essentially a dog park + bar with food trucks. DOES IT GET BETTER? no. I have really been slacking on blogging and taking pictures, so next time I go somewhere fun I need to document. Houston's got some cool scenes that need to be shown to the world.

Other than that I've been finishing up my temp job, and slowly transitioning back to nannyhood. Me and my savings are so grateful for the job and are just a liiiittle bit sad to see it go.

I've been checking out grad schools more and I'm on the verge of narrowing it down to apply. Or should I even narrow it down? I DON'T KNOW HOW THIS WORKS. Anyways.

Ignore my stoned look in that second photo... it was a lazy saturday and me and emma were snugglebuggling. It was also after one of those drive-thru margaritas...

Can't complain so far, june. Keep it up! But I am wishing for some more pool time....


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