Lake Daze.

I feel like I've used that title before. Only because there is a sort of relaxation daze you go into when you get near the lake. I didn't break out my camera once, except to take a family picture in the last 30 minutes of our vacation. There is a lovely simplicity in iPhone photos. Videos are a different matter. But you work with what you have, yes? (;

It was lovely, and only slightly marred by a bruised nose. Me and the boyfriend hit a giant wave, and in return I smashed my face into the canvas tube we were being pulled on. It was a good time for all involved, let me tell you. I got to tube twice with my eldest niece, which was a blast. I can't wait to see them all again- it is a circus at the house with three kids running around.

Also, hello family members reading this!

I threw together some videos from this past weekend, so hopefully I'll be able to finish that later this week. I'm finishing Beautiful Ruins by Jess Walter and it is fabulous so far.

Happy Tuesday!


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  1. Ooh, I hope you get some videos up! It looks like you had a lovely weekend :)