Thursday Review.

It is Thursday today, which means the weekend starts tomorrow!! The weeks are literally flying by, and I don't know how to slow them down. Time to roll with the punches, I suppose! This post is somewhat of a weekend catch-up. Since, I am not scrapbooking, I have to keep up with my own doings somehow...

Last Friday was my roommate's birthday and we all met up at a bar downtown to celebrate! Unfortunately I did not get a picture with the birthday girl (what is up with that?), but I did get one with one of my other best friends who I have not gotten to see very much since she started her big girl job! The bar was really nice, but the drinks were lackluster. Maybe I need to switch up my drink choices, as well. We shall see. The rest of the weekend was spent relaxing with the boyfriend off and on. We watched How to Train your Dragon again. It is one of the best movies of all time I think. Definitely my favorite animated movie. If you have not watched it- go see it now.

On Monday, I drove over to Gap- thanks to my mother handing me a 30% off coupon. I found a cute pair of ankle trousers and a blue jean vest. The trousers will be so cute once fall rolls around to Houston... which could be in a couple more months. As you can see, Ronald decided he liked the pants enough to sit on them. Good enough for me. I also entered Madewell's Wildly Simple instagram contest by photographing some of my fall essentials. A trench, nude flats, snickers bites, urban ears headphones, and the latest book I've delved into. Yesterday I dropped my friend Alex off at the airport after a quick lunch. He is headed to Dubai and Switzerland and Germany! I am so jealous. So jealous. Hopefully I will be traveling in the next couple of months, and that will abate my jealousy. (;

Tonight we are going to a spin class at our apartment complex. I have not done a spin class since a year and a half ago at least. I miss it! But, I'm sure I'll be dead afterward tonight.

Here's to trying to stay in shape!



  1. Oh I love your last picture! And it sounds like a really nice week! :)

  2. I love the suitcase picture! it sounds like you've had a great week-how to train your dragon is such an awesome movie xx

    Little Blue Backpack

  3. Your blog is so cute! I'm glad you've been having a great week :) Love the shot of your items in the suitcase!

    Xo, Hannah

  4. Just came across your lovely blog! Now following, and excited to browse some more :) Such cute photos!

    I love reading US blogs as i think in the UK bloggers are pretty much the same! Excited to see more of your posts :)

    Lucy xo