Time for AUTUMNAL things!

Oh hello there, didn't see you. I was too busy putting my hands in my hair.

Shirt--Zara//Sweater--Gap//Leggings--Zara//Shoes--Dolce Vita//Sunglasses--Rayban//Watch--Fossil

Ever since using Big Shampoo from Lush, I cannot control myself the day after I wash my hair. Its so big and bouncy and wavy. Gosh. Okay, I won't rant about Lush. I promise. Last Friday, I coerced my roommate into driving an hour to our other friend's ranch to take some photos. I love it there. I wanted to stay and frolic in the grass all day. We even saw an alligator! I'm hoping to go back soon, but incase we couldn't, we took a bunch of photos... which you will be seeing over the next couple of weeks. :)

This weekend was too quick! I can't believe that its monday once again. So many things I need to get done! I almost bought a 75$ planner out of stress, but I refrained at the last minute! (thank goodness, who needs a 75$ planner???) I started reading Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children by Ransom Riggs and am loving it. I also got to babysit my brother's puppy. Eeeep. That was amazing in itself. Hoping next weekend is as fun, but less busy!

How was your weekend???



  1. I just started that book as well!!!! Trying to get into the Halloween spirit. This weekend was far too short. I need a long weekend ASAP!

    p.s- i love that tee!! the cut of the sleeves is something spectacular!

  2. you forgot to mention the freaking amazing morning beignets that made the hour drive worth it! :-P

  3. you are lovely. beautiful photos!!

  4. More importantly, who is making a planner they think is worth $75?!?!!!!
    I bet it was beautiful.

    1. People who are making a huge profit!...but yes, it was beautiful.