Ice Day

It's a city full of ice down here in texas. Not a snow day- of course we would never be so lucky. ;) I woke up this morning, found out I would be nannying a fuller day since there is no school, threw clothes on, headed downstairs, and was stopped by my father claiming I could not drive. I scoffed at him and told him every other state would not have cancelled school for a little ice. Oh but houston can not deal with a freeze. Roads get closed, and people stay home. But I had a teenager to hang out with! Out the door I went and down the puddled (not frozen) steps. So silly, I thought to myself. Then I went to open my car door. And it did not open. So I did in fact have to go back inside and wait for my car to defrost it's entire being. I know this sounds about average to people from out of state, but this is literally the first time my car has ever been frozen shut. Probably the first time it's had more than a couple little ice flakes on it. So the car and I had a first experience this morning. A shared memory for me and that machine. I almost took a photo but my fingers got too cold (cough cough wimp). But anyways the roads weren't frozen, so everything was fine for me.

Hope everyone has a lovely weekend. I feel like mine is going to be busy! Life is still happening despite the frozen water outside!

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