Back on the wagon.

It is not hard for me to say that the past 2-3 weeks have felt like some of the worst ever. That sounds so dramatic, but the stress was literally crippling me. It is weird because nothing specific happened that was horrible- no deaths, no break-ups, none of that. Just straight up anxiety and all that surrounds that. Aside from that realization, it has been interesting to look back on the week's photos I took and to see photos that don't embody sadness or anxiety, but happiness, silliness, inspirational books, and pretty sunsets.

So, I think my subconscious is trying to tell me that life isn't so bad after all.

Listening to: the AC at work. it is so loud.
Watching: my computer screen. also glancing at my iPhone to see how much time has passed ( Check out that link! Unicef's donors and sponsors will donate $$ for every ten minutes you don't touch your phone. I'm currently at 30 minutes.
Eating/Drinking: Happy Trails green juice from Whole Foods. I highly recommend whole foods' fresh juices.
Feeling: ready to leave work. Only an hour and a half to go! Also, optimistic.
Readingthis article by author libba bray. (If you're interested in stuff like that, I also watched this ted talk by andrew solomon which was so great.)
Dreading: the boyfriend going to big bend. this is good because i'm leaving for 4-5 months and this is only a week dry run of not being together. good lord this summer is going to be hard (but also, fun). 
Excited for: New Zealand. Also, my brother is getting married this weekend!

Sooo yea. I will probably be back next week due to the impending wedding festivities that start tonight and will last through Sunday!

Happy first week of March!

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