I started writing in a journal every day on the first day of March this year to start getting myself in an unwind routine before bed. Looking back on some of my entries, it's clear I was quite quite worried about meeting cool people when I moved abroad. I was also super worried about living on my own after having a roommate for five/six years & then living with my parents. However, as usual, my worries were unfounded! I love living alone & relaxing to whatever music I want at whatever volume I want. I'm also so so grateful to the people I've met since moving here over a month ago. It feels like it's been six months since I left home- and it's in part to my new friends!

Last weekend we went out for a friend's birthday & had a really fun night! I didn't take a single photo, but managed to snag some from others to save. ;)

Never thought I would have to scrape wax off of someone's face with a credit card in a bar, either. So. You never know.



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