Snippets of Life in Auckland

I have been living in Auckland on my own for over a month now, and I can't believe how quickly time is flying! I am basically 1/4 done with my trip! EEE. How is this possible?! I have a few snaps of my first two weeks in Auckland that I forgot all about due to the sheer amount of pictures I've taken since stepping on New Zealand soil. :)

This first one happened to be my 1000th instagram photo & was the first photo I took in my flat! I am quite content here in my little abode, even though the bed is not the most comfortable. On my first Saturday by myself, I wandered down to Britomart to get a bus card & wandered around the shopping areas to find some little knick-knacks for my flat (most notably a mug cause my flat did not have one). Such a cool area, though! They have bean bags on the lawn, and a little farmer's market. I hope I can get back down there a couple times before I leave!

The first day of class we were doing a camera exercise outside & the leaves were all orange and yellow and falling from the trees. Being from Houston, our leaves go straight from green to brown so it was the perfect way to start autumn for me! I love it.
My parents were texting me on the monday of my first class & my brother asked for a first day of school photo, so I sent him that middle photo. It was 8 am my time, and 3 pm their time, so I was just waking up. Ha! Being in different time zones is such a strange experience. At the end of our second week of school, we took a ferry out to Bayswater to meet up for a school project. I could totally take a ferry to work everyday if that was the view. The clouds in New Zealand are insane- I have never seen anything like them.

More updates soon!


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