First Week of July.

You can see how far behind I am that I'm posting photos from around the beginning of July at the end of July. This is what you would call a busy life. :) In the first week of July, we edited the 2nd short film that our class produced. We spent the 4th of July in the editing studio, and then ended it by watching Down With Love in bed. It was quiet, but it was nice. Not much patriotism for the USA in Auckland. Ha!

On the 5th of July, Brenda and I took a bus out to Ponsonby. I love that area of Auckland- so many cool restaurants and boutiques to check out. We went to Ponsonby Central, which has a bunch of restaurants all connected with some shops interspersed. It's really cute! Brenda and I got some meat pies- mine was chicken and almost like a chicken pot pie! I was impressed. And the fries were a-ma-zing. Really hot & fresh & delicious! I'm hoping I can make it back there just for that reason. After lunch we walked down Ponsonby Rd. and stopped in some shops. Brenda got a hat and I got a little purse! Success!

At some point in June, Nithya and Kelly introduced Brenda and I to Sal's Pizza. I have become very obsessed. That photo was our first Sal's experience. Life changed!

Auckland's style is very different from Houston's, I've found. I am not buying too many things here due to the crazy prices of living on an island, but I have picked up one or two things that make me a little bit more new zealander than american. ;)


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