Hiking Lion Rock.

When you get to Piha the first thing you see is the incredible ocean. The next thing you see is the giant rock right in the middle of the beach.
In order to access said rock, you have to cross a little ocean stream. Nithya and I found no other way around it but to take our shoes off and trek through the ice-cold water. We decided to embrace our inner-child and enjoy the sand on our feet. Then we couldn't turn off our inner-child and hiked all the way up the rock with no shoes!
When we reached the top, we asked a nice, French woman to take our photo. She took a couple for us, and when she gave my phone back she told us that we looked very adventurous. Pretty sure you can't get a better compliment.

When we got to the bottom of the rock again, we weren't quite ready to put our shoes on and leave. So, instead, we took some jumping photos. We love Piha.


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