Kitekite Falls.

Our last venture in Piha was to hike Kitekite Falls. The hike was beautiful and relatively easy for New Zealand. There were steep hills, but it wasn't too long. The hills in New Zealand can be lethal.

We did have a bit of a stupid moment when heading into the jungle. There was a sign and some spray bottles about five minutes into the hike warning of a lethal pathogen. Nithya and I panicked before we finished reading the sign and determined that the pathogen was lethal to humans, and very nearly turned and left. Until I finished reading the sign and realized it was only lethal to a certain type of kauri tree. Humans are generally safe. So we sprayed our shoes as to not spread the tiny pathogen, and went on our way.

As you can see, it was generally just beautiful. The water was so clear and blue. I have never wished it to be summer so badly. I nearly jumped in regardless.

And thus our day trip to Piha was fulfilled. Perfect day.


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