A morning in Wanaka.

When we drove into Wanaka, we found a seemingly sleepy, little town. While small, it's definitely not sleepy. People were at the lake laying on the beach, eating at the lake-side restaurants, hiking. Whit and I parked near the lake and while we were grabbing our things, a man walked up to our car and pointed out our flat tire. We hadn't even noticed anything wrong with the tire, but it was indeed flat. He refused to not help us and got to work on changing our tire. Luckily our rental car had a spare tire. Our Spanish friend saved our day, and he found us later to take a photo with him.

Then we made our way to lunch. We found a waterfront restaurant and ordered burgers and fries. Oh do I miss New Zealand fries. And their tomato-shaped ketchup bottles.

Is that lake not the most lovely thing?


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