The night at the museum.

If you are going to have a girl's night there are a few things you need to do in order to have a perfect night. First of all it needs to be somewhat unplanned. Start with a good venue (like the houston museum of natural sciences) that is having an interesting event (try a dance party with the dinosaurs). Next you're going to need to get a glass of wine (or two because the line is too long to get back in- it's okay to double fist if it's wine and everyone is doing it, right?). After that a couple of things will happen.

You will inevitably end up in a conga line. Embrace it.

There will be a goal set to get the coolest selfie possible. In the bathroom & with the DJ might work.

You'll probably end up getting a stranger to take a real photo of everyone while you suck down water after all the dancing.

Then you will probably squirt way too much hand moisturizer out & have to awkwardly put it all the way up your arms at the end of the night.

Also, don't forget to floss at the very beginning. That is very important.

Girl's night = success.


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