Let me Down Easy

It's Friday night again. I'm doing math homework after a long day of grocery shopping, window shopping, and writing. The next two weeks, I'll be having four exams. SO EXCITED. Or not. Also debating on studying abroad next semester/next year. I went to Europe in the summer of 07' and fell in love:
[These images belong to me. Assisi; some island in Italy.]
So, regardless, I really want to go back. 

In other news, I've been looking for a shearling aviator/bomber jacket intensely. So far, I've found a few maybes. My favorites are all really expensive, which means I need a miracle.

I've wanted one of these for a month or so now [preparing for Winter], and then it turns out that they were very popular at NYFW. Love this trend. 

My Earnest Sewn jeans from RueLaLa got here a couple days ago, and I love them! They fit perfectly, and are the perfect color. I did a little resale shopping the other day as well, and found a shirt, and a belt. Will post pictures of them later. Happy weekend!

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