Cause' I'm a Gypsy

I should be studying, but blogging is so much more entertaining. This week feels like it's already over, but there are still two more days of class. Kind of hate that feeling. I really just want to go to my house and pick up my new packages (; Then I want to sleep. And write. And sleep. [okay, I also kind of want to study physics... it's growing on me. NERD.]

What I'm wearing: 
-Pink Gap sweater [circa 2008 hah]
-Dress from Method [boutique]
-Walk in the Park Sandals from Modcloth
-Vintage Gold Locket 

Yesterday, I was really productive and went to a SEWING class! My first sewing class. It was monumental. Anyhow, I made this: 


Incase you can't tell- it's a clutch. With my locket on it. I'm quite proud of it because, well, I haven't sewn anything in my life. So, the fact that I have problems sewing in straight lines doesn't bother me that much. Because I MADE a clutch. Haha, ignore me and my amateur sewing abilities. 

After my sewing class, I went to a club meeting. I just joined the club in an effort to become more active at school [I'm an introvert]. Anyhow, they were having elections and I figured 'Hey why not put my name out there, even though no one here knows me!'. So, I nominated myself for Membership Chair. 

I got Membership Chair.

Not exactly sure what Membership chair does, but HEY I'm an officer in a club. Oh, productive Tuesdays.

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