Not Like the Movies

Well, fellow bloggers, it's Friday night. Unlike most cool college kids, I am alone in my on-campus apartment. Somewhat pathetic, but also somewhat productive. 

I did a math quiz.

However, I didn't study genetics (despite the looming fact that if I don't study this weekend I will surely fail) like I was planning to. I watched a movie instead, so I guess I'm kind of normal. Maybe.

Tomorrow I am off to College Station to celebrate my best friend's twenty-first birthday! She's the first of the bunch, so it probably won't be too exciting. I mean, she'll be the only one going to bars. We'll have to wait for her at home in our footie pajamas. Anyways, since I'll be gone tomorrow I did some before-the-actual-day pictures. (:
[While taking these pictures, I noticed that I dislike the color of these jeans. I do that alot. I also really really hate jean shopping. What have I gotten myself into?]

What you're looking at is our beautiful beige apartment (that is not decorated quite yet). Please don't judge me. I made the pillows on the couch! I also painted some picture frames that I have yet to hang. Oh the joys to look forward to when you're an introvert.

What I'm Wearing:
-Urban Outfitters Black 'Ecote Twist Sandals'
-Forever21 jeans [time for a new pair]
-Old Navy Black Tank w/ braided straps [This also needs replacing. So old.]
-Forever21 brown vest/sweater
-Vintage gold locket [stolen from my mom. Inside is a picture of my old dog...]
-Gap (RED) bracelet
-Bracelet from Mexico

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