Oh Hey Genetics, I'm in the middle of blogging so....

Wednesdays are my longest day of the week. Starts at 7:18, when my alarm goes off, and will probably end around 1 tomorrow morning. I got myself up despite my inner voice nagging me to go back to sleep [I am very convincing when I'm tired]. I went to physics lab, met up with my boyfriend [who got to go back to sleep after our encounter], went to cal3 lecture, woke up my boyfriend, went to physics lecture. Now, I'm waiting for the aforementioned boyfriend to bring me lunch.

It is SO humid today. Probably due to the flooding yesterday. I love our flood-friendly campus. Rain boots are everywhere because they HAVE to be.

But, I had a feeling it wouldn't rain again today and wore sandals. And I was rewarded with 99% humidity. [But no rain..]

I don't usually wear my hair in a ponytail [especially a couple days in a row], but it was so nasty outside and my hair was slightly damp... I had to get it off my face. Another thing I usually do is tuck this shirt in. It's kind of long on me and my short torso, but today it was hot and gross, so I didn't want it sticking to me. I also couldn't find a belt, so.. HAPPY HUMP DAY. 

What I'm wearing:
-White banana republic shirt
-Boyfriend Jean Shorts from Dillards
-Modcloth 'Walk in the Park' Sandals
-Forever21 Brown vest

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