Friday Night Lights

And my Friday comes to a close, but what a wonderful Friday it was. I had my calculus 3 test this morning and spent the day with my favorite person in the world. Oh, and if you're wondering... totally got an A on my test! I'm a boss hogg outlaw [No, I don't spend too much time with my boyfriend...] and I am so happy. Especially cause' the first one didn't go over so well. Anyhow, tomorrow morning I'm doing a Habitat for Humanity event with a club from school. Kind of excited and kind of nervous. Hopefully I'll become friends with more people in the club so I won't feel like an outsider. Ha.

The boyfriend and I walked around campus while the sun was setting and he was determined to take my pictures [even though I claimed it was too dark]. But, "it's okay if the pictures are blurry". (;

[I love how my top half is ghostly and the bottom half is normal colored.]

Dear Night,
The tricks you play on my skin are not funny. And please stop provoking my camera/boyfriend to blur my photos. K, thanks.


  1. wooo i LOVE this outfit! check out my blog:)

  2. your smile, your hair, your skin, your dress: lovely!!

    if you have some spare time, drop by my blog!

  3. i love this outfit. so well put together, and your images are not that bad at all. when i get a questionable photo, i just edit it to black and white or sepia tone and that pretty much fixes everything

  4. I love the print on your dress. It looks wonderful with the boots!!


  5. You look gorgeous, awkward lighting or not. <3
    And I'm sure you'll make tons of friends in the club. Meeting new people is one of the best parts of clubs!

  6. No, I like the lighting! It's really cool and different :)

  7. ohmygosh. I love love LOVE that dress! Holy crap it's amazing!

  8. Your dress is so pretty! I love the colors in it. And the boots are fabulous.

    The lighting might not be perfect, but your outfit rocks:)

  9. Just came across you blog and I love it already! Your dress is this outfit is fantastic, it's really cute =D And the same thing happens to me with that sort of light haha! Following your blog now my dear =)

  10. Cute!
    I wish my boyfriend could take pictures like this... but we're long distance during school, so I'm limited to a tripod :/
    Where's your dress from? I love it!