My Boyfriend...

makes me laugh so unbelievably hard. And most of the time it's not on purpose. (Not to say he isn't funny... just that his candid self is pretty awesome).

Last night we were playing Mario Kart Wii- a game that I'm pretty competitive at. So, we're playing and I get hit by a turtle shell, so of course I'm yelling at the tv and the boyfriend snorts at me like "you have no idea what you're doing". So, in all competitiveness, I look at his screen.

"Boyfriend, maybe you should try reversing."

The boyfriend had been making fun of me up until this point, thinking that I was so horrible at Mario Kart that I couldn't NOT run into a wall. Unfortunately for him I am SO GOOD at Mario Kart that he thought he was me- in first place- about to win.

His actual self was ramming into a wall over and over and over, so far behind that everyone had lapped him. [And he thought it was me the whole time]

He blames it on the fact that he usually picks Waluigi. But, I've never played him as anyone but Waluigi- so therefore the logic is flawed. (;

Boys are so funny.


  1. Hi darling!
    what a sweet blog you have. Lotts of lovely pictures and inspiration!
    Keep it up!
    Let me know if you wanna be followers!

    Love from Stockholm..

  2. hahaha! This is hilarious! OH BOYS!

  3. I loveee mario cart wii! My boyfriend and I play super mario and smash brothers. So fun!! This is an adorable story. Teheh:)