I am a girl plagued by wanderlust. I'm also plagued by no air conditioning (I know it's fall, but this is Texas).
[I don't know if you can tell, but I really like those sparkly dots.]
(My photos from Italy/Monaco. And the last one is in houston traffic.)

I wanted to post an outfit post today, but multiple things got in the way (like the air conditioning being out and I had to change into a t-shirt and shorts within five minutes). So, I figured I'll try and post tomorrow and just post some of my photoshop experiments up. A couple of you commented on my new header, and since I forgot to mention it- my boyfriend did it. He's quite talented and enjoys challenges. 

In other news, today I feel kind of like this.
(Images via weheartit.com)


Today I had to sign up for my classes for next semester, and among being annoyed that most of my classes were already more than half full before I could even sign up, I couldn't get into a lab for the SECOND semester in a row. Um, yeah okay, I guess I don't need to do a semester long research project. Who needs to graduate, anyways? Thanks.
I think I have a case of the leftovers. You know, when you have like all your exams in one or two weeks, and then all of a sudden it's over. You're supposed to feel relieved, and relaxed, and all that good stuff. But, instead you still feel stressed. You get the "I need to be studying" feel, and it continues to stress you out. I mean, I do need to study. I'm a bit behind in two of my classes.. nothing worrisome, but it's there. Anyways, I don't know why my body feels like it's going to run a marathon tomorrow, but it does. Maybe it's a mix of the no air-conditioning and the sight of all my notebooks in front of me. Maybe it's because my boyfriend is diving into the books right now because he has a test coming up. Maybe I should just stare at notes and sleep. If I had money, I would totally bake.


Hope you all are having a happier wednesday! Thanks for all the comments, and new followers!


  1. I could daydream over travel photos like that all day!

  2. I just finished my homework and I still feel that way.

    I love the "if i had money i'd bake". I love that we don't even have money for baking supplies. :)

    We're almost done!

  3. sorry your classes were already full. i remember that stress when i was in school. lovely header, and i like the sparkly dots too!



  4. Wonderful post. Great pictures... I'm a new fan! If you have a minute, please enter the giveaway I'm hosting from my own vintage shop. Paloma Vintage Giveaway!

    Thanks! xx

  5. Your college section was EXACTLYYY how I feel. I still have the study adrenaline in my blood even though...what? I have no tests?? Some free time? Normalcy?

    Thank you for your comments!!!
    I'm coming back tomorrow to see this outfit pictures you've promised:)

  6. So pretty!
    I hope you do travel, so you can go take some absolutely gorgeous pictures for yourself :)

  7. Ohhh your photos are completly amazing, i wish i could do some effects like that with mine, but photoshop and me..we just not get along...but someday i wish. Let me tell you, you have a lovely blog. I hope you can visit mine
    God bless

  8. I love those sparkly dots too :)
    gorgeous photos and know how you're feeling at the moment!
    visit me: http://madisonsassortment.blogspot.com/

  9. love the photos in this post.. oh well, i couldn't imagine myself when signing up for my next semeter class, to. it will be 3 weeks from now. the system error, the full class, oh no ;(

  10. Just discovered you, and I ADORE your blog!!! Can't wait to follow. :) And hey, I'm a TX girl too!! (Austin!) Nice to meet you! ;)

  11. ohh i love sparkly dots as well! and i feel you on the college class stress. i'm graduating in december. eeeek! and i feel like my to do list is piling and piling up.

    love your blog!! your photos are amazing.