Oh "My Ankle", socks.

Today, I had an epiphany. 

Socks, I have always loved you. My love grew in high school when I realized that all the sock's I'd accumulated (mostly from Mom), were not, in fact, super lame. They were glorious. I wish I had a picture of my sock collection. I have reindeer socks, fuzzy socks, knee high socks, ralph lauren socks, argyle socks, heart socks, polar bear socks (boyfriend's fav), polar socks (supposedly for camping, more like everyday wear for my toesies), and so much more. If you've been to my home, you've probably witnessed me rockin my socks. If you're a friend of mine, then you have probably also rocked my socks. So you can imagine my happiness when I got a package this weekend including lots of candy and SOCKS. Thanks Audrey, you're the bestest. 

In other news, I was trying on my new 8$ flats,

and I slipped them on with my aforementioned gifted socks, to admire them some more. 
Dear over-the-ankle sock trend with shoes, I've never really appreciated you until right now. I can't believe how cute I think it is! Haha, I can't wait to go buy more cute socks for my winter-wear!
(Images via The Sartorialist

So, the title of my post is an ongoing joke within my circle of friends. When I turned 16, me and some close friends were hanging out at a pool late at night where there was a lifeguard (who we had been giggling about all night). He was cute. We were big dorks. You might be able to see how this would turn out embarrassing for me. We were the last to leave that night, on purpose of course. My loveliest of friends, Audrey, quickly thought of an excuse to stay even later, grabbed my hairband off my wrist, and tossed it over the fence under some chairs by the pool. We ran back to get it, not obvious at all that we were just staying for some more looks at Mr. Lifeguard. Then it got awkward, when they offered to help us look for it, and we had it already. So we left, quietly and giggly. About two steps out of the pool area, I tripped, and twisted my ankle, and screamed.
It was very high-pitched and squeaky. And I have never lived it down. I'm sure all of the people at pool, including good-looking lifeguard, could see me and definitely hear me. 

Oh, to be 16 and single. 

Anywho, I know I said I would post an outfit, but um.. I forgot my camera at home all weekend! But hopefully tomorrow I can coerce my boyfriend into taking my pictures. I have winter clothes just begging to be worn!

Happy Sunday!


  1. My love for socks only extends to wearing them to bed on my cold feetsies. But you get on with your bad self and your love for socks. I wish I could pull of some outfits like those above! Gorgey!!

  2. I love that you love socks just as much as I do! Are you a fan of tights too? My mouth was also watering when I saw your boxes of candy...I am so jealous! Those are all my favorites. Hope you have a great week girl! xx

  3. i love all the satorialist photos you chose, and yes, take an outfit photo! <3

  4. Your welcome best friend! Those socks are tres warm and lovely. Outfit post please!

  5. great lifeguard story very dansol in distress act hahahah ahhh to be young

    Oh and sock never been a fan but after reading this I want to put some on weird right ahahah

    Great post

  6. Ha ha!

    Yes. Socks are so cute with heels and flats!
    And more than that, it's such a cozy and practical trend. LOVE it.

  7. Oh I love socks too! The only problem I have with them is they are so darn hard to keep with. I always lose mine in the laundry :)

  8. Your socks looks so comfy! Oh & I want the Nerds & Sour Patch kids, haha :-)


  9. Who doesn't LOVE socks. I mean really. I am looking forward to seeing some of your outfits with this sock, heels/flats, and dress look.