That time I recycled.

There once was a time,
Near ten years ago (I'm old),
Where a girl and her dad,
had someplace to go.
There was plastic and glass and green galore.
But something went wrong!
She fell on the floor.
It turned out alright,
A doctor was called,
And gave her four stitches
(while she put up a fight).
The end.

I hope you enjoyed that. Long story short: I dropped a glass bottle and then fell on it at the recycling center. A big buff man gave me his shirt (probably unsanitary, but I digress...) and wrapped it around me to stop the bleeding. I was sent to the hospital and sat there for eight hours before I could go home. It was a blast and a half. Okay, it wasn't really. It was boring, and it was painful.

The point of this story is that today I was so excited. I was going to recycle. I've had plastic water bottles filling up my counter forever. I kept saying "I will recycle them, do not throw away!". But I hadn't. Until today. And my boyfriend's staring at me as I'm smiling and happy, putting bottles into bags to take to the recycling center. And then. And then- I picked up a sheet of broken glass that had fallen from my picture frame and started putting it into another bag when the boyfriend tells me to be careful. Yes, okay, it's glass. I'm not tossing it around like a crazy person. I will be careful. So in order to be careful, I turn the glass around so that the jagged end doesn't tear through the bottom of the bag. In the midst.... I cut my hand. So while the boyfriend is yelling at me let it coagulate! Don't freak out! I'm freaking out, and running to the sink to stop blood from going everywhere. And after all of that, I go to the recycling center and it's closed. And it's all my boyfriend's fault.
(Just kidding. Maybe.)

In other news: Maggie (my cat) is a Grinch. She won't let you wrap any Christmas presents! She will fight you for it!
Okay Maggie, I get it. No more robotic mice that chase you around the house. Promise.
This is my 'I had a final this morning and only got four hours of sleep so I don't care about anything' look.
Hopefully I will actually get dressed tomorrow. 


  1. I love your mocs. The color is great.

    And your cat is hilarious. :)

  2. I'm super jealous of those moccasins. I hope you have better luck next time you recycle!

    Lindsey Soup

  3. I've never liked black cats until NOW. Yours is ridiculously cute. I feel like it'd be super sly, creeping in the shadows and scaring people! If I had a cat, I'd train it to be my WEAPON.

    Um, anyways, great photos! Like everyone's said:

  4. Haha, that is so funny! My dog is the same way when I try to do anything. She'll just keep pushing at my hands until I pet her. Pets are just so cute sometimes :D

  5. eee! I think your Maggie would love my Zeus haha. We bought him a cat santa hat to bring out his christmas spirit, he's been knocking down ornaments! Having bird ornaments with feathers doesn't help though haha

  6. A long time ago I did the same thing. Kept every plastic bottle, every glass jar in hopes that I would recycle them. I swear I had every intent to do so. But failed and never did.

    At least you took the step and actually went, regardless of it being closed.

    I hope your hand didn't get cut too bad. :)