Oh Hey, I got dressed today.

In order to go to lunch, I had to put on normal clothes. No more sweatshirts and ceggings for me!

One rule about forever21 clothing: Never let anyone wash it. Not even yourself. It will shrink, and you will feel stupid. 
This dress shrank. So I can barely wear it with tights. It doesn't look too short in the front, but oh boy in the back it's a little risque. Hence the sweater.
I think I will be passing it along soon because I hate pulling down clothes constantly. Any takers? Early Christmas present? 

Today I went to lunch. Then I came home and studied a bit. In an hour I will be at a dance class. I haven't been to a dance class in probably a year. I can't wait to have my butt kicked. Oh wait, yeah I can. 
Alas I have a pushy friend who has no one else to go with and no finals to worry about. "Oh hey, I have a final tomorrow" doesn't really cut it in her book. Maybe because she's a smarty pants.
If I fail my final tomorrow (I won't) she's to blame! Last final tomorrow and it's my easiest. Can't wait to embrace winter break. Literally. Okay. Figuratively.


  1. Good luck on your final and oh my gosh loooooove the outfit :)

  2. you look so adorable! I love going out to lunch :) good luck with your finals! haha the last line of this was GREAT, lovely writing!


  3. hope you did well on your final! love your dress.

  4. you look sooo adorable!! love those shoes!!

  5. I'm glad I'm not the only one who shrinks all F21 clothes. I had to ween myself from that store because the clothes never last long. Anyways cute outfit and good luck on your finals!!


  6. Yeah, I've had to learn the hard way never to wash F21 clothes. It's almost better just to not buy any clothes from there so that I won't suffer heartache when I new favorite gets ruined.

    Good luck on your last final lady :]

  7. I love that post :)))))))



  8. Lovely outfit, those shoes are adorable.
    I just buy accessories from F21 as I have the same problem. What a shame.

  9. I love this ensemble- a cute mini with a long cardigan!