Music and life stuff.

I've practically been in a coma all Winter Break. I know this because I barely listened to any music.
I didn't download or listen to any new songs. 
That's a pretty big feat for me. 
So now I feel behind. 
So if you have any musical suggestions for me- that would be awesome. 
I like pretty much anything. 
Pilates is good. I like it. It makes me sore. And my knee is pretty good, but a nasty color.
I'm taking a digital photography class and our first assignment is to bring 36 pictures to class on Monday.
Um, best assignment ever.
I only had one class today. MWF's are  pretty simple. But, I have an appointment with my counselor that I had to fight for tomorrow morning. And maybe my peaceful MWF's will be a thing of the past.
So, this is my blog. What should I write about? I haven't been very consistent. I'm not big on talking about clothes. I like looking at them and wearing them. But that's about as far as my skill goes. 
I guess this is a life blog. Welcome to my world.
I will still be posting pictures of myself. Because I'm narcissistic. ;)
But since I'm going to now have to take 36 good pictures a week for class. 
There might be a good deal of those up on here. 
OH and incase you didn't notice. That's my room.
Lovely, and beige.


  1. Ok, I love those tights! MY favorite color right now :) you should try pandora....I've been listening to Mumford & Sons lately and also if your into funny weird music you should check out Die Anrwoord its so crazy but so catchy!

  2. I'm right there with you Miss Abbey. I really don't enjoy writing about clothes. Reading and talking I can do ;)

    Plus I've been WAY lazy with my blog. The start of the semester really takes it out of me.

    Oh and I like Mumford & Sons as well. And if I may suggest some country (hehe) Josh Abbott is a good one. I like Oh Tonight, Brushy Creek, and She's Like Texas.

  3. I really like your tights :) Not listening to any new music for a month seems crazy to me haha :)

  4. love your outfit here - the tights go fab with navy!
    I've only just found your blog but so far i really like the photos and content you post :) x

  5. Your tights are amazing! Actually, you're whole outfit is amazing. I wish I was taking a photography class, that sounds like so much fun! I might minor in photography in college. :)
    I have a life blog as well and I always post pictures of me wearing clothes, but I dont really talk about it. Haha. So now I'm following you! Your blog is so much fun and we seem to have a lot in common. :)

    <3Chelsea Elizabeth

  6. Oh i need mustard tights! I keep seeing people in them and they add such pizazz to every outfit! They look amazing with black and white on you:)