Random Occipital Stimulation

School has started. I am not ready.
(That's all I'm going to say on the subject)
The boyfriend is home.
We both got hair cuts.
(Ugh, does anyone else hate it when boys cut their hair?)
I like his hair fluffy.
Anyways. I don't have much to say (lies). So I thought I'd give you some visual stimulation.
lakehouse lovin'
This is my second home. And every sunset is prettier than the last.
An Eyeful
This "self-portrait" really inspired me to love photography. I can't get enough of those flowers.
my love is in your hands i swear
When I started dating the boyfriend, he inspired me to draw. 
Piano Man
He is incredibly talented.
We fight over virtual eye-patches and pirate hats.

So now that I've stimulated your occipital lobe.... that's your eyes right? I swear I'm an ex-bio major. 
School has started and big things are about to start happening! I'm officially changing my major to Media Productions with a Bio minor so I can keep all those stupid bio credits. I'm applying for a photographer position at our school newspaper. AND I applied for a real job today as opposed to an internship/shadowing job. Cross your fingers for me. It's an on-campus office job and would be super convenient!

I have been lazy, my friends. So lazy that I haven't wanted to get dressed in real people clothes. Therefore, I haven't really photographed myself much. Hopefully this will change. 
I need to go to sleep. I have a pilates class tomorrow morning at 11:30 and I'm somewhat freaked.
I banged my knee pretty bad today, while making fun of my boyfriend (karma). And I couldn't stop laughing (because my body thinks it's funny when I'm in pain), even though I wanted to cry. Does anyone else laugh when they're dying of pain?
ANYWAYS. Wish me luck with pilates, I really hope my knee doesn't give out on the first day. That would be just lovely.


  1. You banged your knee? And laughed? That's sorta funny and very sad.

    I attempted to do belly dancing class today. Basically because I have a girl crush on the instructor. What a cool chick. Lol.

    And I am SOOO very excited for you and all of the new exciting changes. You will be amazing :)

    And I am way beyond not ready for school either. Unfortunately, it just keeps coming.

  2. hah you're a cutie!! i always have a giggle when my boyfriend cuts his hair, its always quite longish and he usually does a big chop so he's pretty much unrecognisable. love that sunset
    Scrapbook de la Emma

  3. Yes, yes, yes! I hate when boys get haircuts! Their hair gets all rough and scratchy and they lose their cute, "I'm adorable without even trying," hair flop that they have! Good luck with school and pilates. I'm taking pilates too!

  4. its funny that you said that thing about not liking when your boyfreind gets a hair cut! i was just trying to convince my boyfriend not to buzz his hair the other day, hehe.