30 Things Before I'm 30

A couple days ago, I was reading this blog post by The Fashion Therapist, and it really got me thinking.
What do I want to accomplish before I'm 30?
Lately I've been thinking about my goals, and aspirations in life. What are they, and where are they going to lead me? I'm generally pretty terrified of change, but some of my biggest risks have ended up as some of the highlights of my life.
Take the boyfriend, for instance, who had just gotten out of a relationship and was seemingly (he says he wasn't) on the rebound (I mean, come on, no one wants to be that girl). But, we had fun together, and I thought "Why not?", the worst that could happen is that we'd break up in a month or so. 
People do say that the best things in life stem from risk-taking.
In my Junior Year of high school, I got an amazing opportunity to go to Europe with a group of 30 teenagers, and one of my best friends. 
My passport barely made it in time, and while I was waiting for it I couldn't help but thinking maybe I just shouldn't go and I probably won't have fun, anyways.
Oh, man. I'm glad I didn't listen to myself.
Europe was the best experience of my life. 
So, while I'm thinking of all this, I got curious. I've started to make my own list of things I'd like to accomplish before I'm 30. It's scary to write them down because I know it'll be in my wallets for the next ten years! 

I'd be really interested to read what y'all want to accomplish in the next ten years too! So leave a comment (if only to give me ideas!). ;)


  1. this is so cute :]]]
    i can't think that far ahead, but last year I wrote a 21 things to do before I'm 21.
    I have 4 weeks left and I reckon I've achieved about 13, 14 but some things have been unachieved, or my perspective has just changed.
    Good luck with your list!!

    Charlotte xxx

  2. I've been thinking about this a lot. I think I might do a 20 before 20. Hmmmmm...

    30 before 30 would be to go somewhere exotic with N and get married to him! ;)

  3. nice blog!
    Follow me? I'd be very happy id you do it! thank you so much!

  4. I've been having the exact same thoughts. Wondering what I want to do with my life. Making a list makes it more real, like you know exactly what you want to do. You have a good list of things to accomplish! :)

  5. Hey Abbey, oh man, 10 years? Ok my thoughts are only fill in three spots each year. Since your goals will change a lot over the next decade!

  6. Writing a book is on mine, too. Let's DO it!!:):)

  7. I love reading little list like this! Your list is lovely :)

  8. Haha many of those are on my list to, except 1, 3 and 8 =)

  9. This is a really cute blog! I really like the idea of doing a list of 30 things to do before I'm 30. Some of your things, I would put on mine (Hello Europe!)

    Martine :)