The Weekend!.. and Photo Assignment #6.

Today we flew kites.


It was a beautiful, albeit cold, day here in Texas. My outfit wasn't made for the wind, but this batman kite was! This week for photography class we had to do a photographic series, where each photo leads up to the next. I'm not sure if mine is exactly that, but we had fun anyways. We had a wonderful lunch at Barnaby's restaurant, even though they were out of chocolate cupcakes (a felony? I think so.), and then made our way to target to buy this 3$ kite. I'm in disbelief at how beautiful it was today! It was supposed to rain, Mr. Weatherman! I hope you all enjoyed your day as well.
Tomorrow will be spent studying for my surprise test on Monday (I really need to start checking schedules more often), Church, and celebrating the roomie's half-birthday... she's French, and apparently they do that. It's a good excuse for cupcakes anyways!

...And incase you're wondering.. that's my jacket the boyfriend is wearing. He's a big baby when it get's a bit chilly outside, and he forgot his jacket.


  1. I haven't flown a kite since I was little, but believe me, I'm off to buy one immediately. Looks like you both had so much fun!

  2. This looks like so much fun! Reminds me of being a kid again. :)


  3. Looks like great fun! I'm about to buy one for me:)

  4. haha so funny! I always celebrate my half birthday ;) what awesome pictures came from this day! I LOVE flying kites, perfect assignment haha.


  5. Here I go again saying that I love the photos, and I SERIOUSLY do love them!!! The depth of field is sooooo nice! :) & I haven't flown a kite in like 24,325 years and these photos make me wanna get up out of my desk and just fly one! :) & don't you just hate when the weatherman can't get the facts straight!! :)

  6. Wonderful pics! I like them!

    Follow me? I'd be very happy if you do it!
    Thank you so much!

  7. Ah this makes me want to go out and fly a kite myself, which I haven't done in years. It looks like you had a wonderful time!
    Not having chocolate cupcakes would definitely be a felony! I really should get around to start celebrating my half-birthday just for the sake of cupcakes. haha
    Oh and I love your skirt btw! ♥

  8. Lovely photos dear, I love kites!

  9. ooooh that must have been so much fun.

  10. Oooh that's so fun, wish it was summer here so I could fly kites on the beach!